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Uniform Policy & Dress Code

Parents, please review this policy carefully. If you have any questions, BEFORE you purchase, please check with the front office. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS JUST IN CASE THERE IS A PROBLEM.
As Paragon Collegiate Academy (PCA) was developed, teacher and parent developers agreed that uniforms would benefit the students and families of the charter school. PCA believes that students should focus their energy and attention upon their academic development and not on style, brands, logos, or the clothes of their peers. Schools uniforms can also help eliminate social stigmas that may be attributed to attire and decrease the potential of students being bullied.   A uniform policy allows for consistency school-wide, fosters school pride, and helps promote and instill a professional and healthy learning environment.  Furthermore, the dress code is important to school safety when they are participating in outside activities since students are easily recognized by authorized school personnel and community members.  The PCA Board of Directors adopted this Uniform Policy and Dress Code (“Uniform Policy”) in compliance with the provisions of Article IX, section 5 of the California Constitution, and Assembly Bill 1575 (effective January 1, 2013), which prohibit the charging of any student fees for participation in an educational activity at a public school.
PCA believes it is the parents/guardians’ responsibility to ensure their children come to school in compliance with the Uniform Policy.  Dress code violations are preventable with the proper exercise of parental concern and authority. School uniforms must be worn daily by all students (grades K-8) at school and field trips, except on specially announced or earned non-uniform dress days. (See Non-Uniform Dress Code).  All uniforms must be in good condition with no holes. Clothing should fit well, neither too loose nor too tight.

Uniform Requirements Consist of the Following: 


  • K-5: Solid white, navy blue, and burgundy shirts, navy blue bottoms
  • 6-8: Solid white, navy blue, and burgundy shirts, navy blue or khaki bottoms
 **Note: Burgundy cannot be in the shades of pink or berry.**


  • Solid white, navy blue or burgundy short-sleeved or long-sleeved knit polo style or oxford with no logos.
  • A white or navy turtleneck (no writing or logos) shirt may be worn underneath.
  • Undershirts should not be visible through uniform shirts.


  • Approved uniform tie may be worn with button-up shirt.


  • Options include long pants, shorts, pleated skirt* and jumpers must be solid navy blue twill or polyester blend material.  Only 5th-8th grade students may wear khaki as an option. Jumpers, skirts, and shorts MUST be no shorter than three (3) inches above the top of the knee. Shorts MUST be no shorter than six (6) inch inseam.
  • Clothing should fit well, neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Cargo pocket style pants/skirts/shorts/skorts do not meet the approved guidelines.
  • Solid white, navy blue, or black leggings and tights are allowed ONLY under approved skirt lengths. (Leggings must be ankle length)
  • Shorts must be worn under skirts or jumpers.
  • “Sagging” is not permitted.
** All applicable measuring will be done with students standing in upright, vertical position. **


  • Girl’s black or navy blue Mary Jane non skid shoes and boys non skid dress shoe may be worn.
  • Solid White, Solid Navy Blue, or Solid Black tennis shoes can be worn. NO CONTRASTING COLORED LOGOS ALLOWED. Wearing any style clothing with brands or logos is generally not permitted. PCA believes that students should focus their energy and attention upon their academic development and not on the style, brands, or logos of the clothes and shoes of their peers.
  • If a logo is present, it must be the same color as the shoe. i.e. black/black, white/white. Parents may modify the shoes to comply with this policy i.e. permanent marker or tape.
  **The shoe policy is not applicable to athletes who are participating in the Falcon's After School Sports Program  during practice and/or games.


  • Socks are to be a solid navy blue or white with no logos.
  • If girls wear nylons/tights, they too must be solid blue, white, solid black or flesh colored. (Fish net style patterns not allowed.)
  • Long, athletic, stretch leggings are not permitted under skirts or shorts.


  • The only sweatshirts allowed are the crewneck or hooded zip up Paragon Collegiate Academy logo sweatshirts and they are available in the uniform store at a competitive price. Hoods may be worn outside only.
  • Solid white, Navy blue, or Burgundy button up cardigans can be worn over uniform shirt.
  • Coats and winter jackets are generally not subject to the uniform policy but they must be removed when the student is indoors, and must be free of any depiction of violence, profanity, advertisements, vulgar terms or pictures, or negative individual and/or group activity. 
  • Hats will be permitted outside only.


  • For girls, acceptable earrings are studs only and in the bottom earlobe only. No earrings are acceptable for boys and no other piercings of any kind are allowed.  PCS may grant accommodations (e.g., religious) to this rule.
  • No hats will be allowed at any time in class. They will only be permitted seasonally and only worn outside.
  • Both boys and girls should have reasonable hairstyles. To prevent distraction, no tails, dyed hair, bleached hair, mohawks, hair indentations, or designs are allowed.
  • Conservative, gradual fades are allowed. 
Please note: PCA implements these requirements with the goal of supporting students’ learning and in compliance with applicable laws (e.g., SB 188(2019)).


  • No makeup will be permitted under 6th grade.
  • Moderate natural looking foundation makeup will be permitted for acne coverage in 6th grade and above.
  • No fingernail polish will be permitted under 6th grade. Fingernails are to be all one color with no artificial or acrylic nails in 6th grades and above.
  • No false eyelashes for all grades
**Exceptions may be permitted for 8th grade students during graduation week.
Students or parents requesting an exemption from any provision of this Uniform Policy for religious or other reasons should contact the school office.

Where uniforms may be purchased:

  • Sport T’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, JC Penney’s, Sears
  • French Toast: http://www.frenchtoast.com French Toast uniforms are often available at Target, or Sport Ts.
  • Be careful when purchasing, make sure clothing items and styles are Paragon Collegiate Academy approved.

Non-Uniform Dress Rules

Using a non-uniform dress pass; students should be dressed neatly and appropriately for a school environment.  PCA has established this code to provide guidelines for these non-uniform dress days.  Modest attire should be worn at school. Students may not wear the following:
  • See-thru or fishnet fabric, halter-tops, off the shoulder, spaghetti straps, tank tops, low- cut tops (front and back), or bare midriff tops.
  • Shorts within an inseam shorter than 6 inches, cutoffs, or unhemmed shorts.
  • Skirts and dresses no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee.
  • T-shirts depicting violence, profanity, advertisements, vulgar terms or pictures, or negative individual and/or group activity.
  • Pants with holes in them.
  • Aerobic style stretch clothing, which includes sweats, yoga pants, and spandex.
  • Pajama pants, shirts, or slippers.
  • Exposed undergarments. Clothing shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at ALL times.
  • NO GANG PARAPHERNALIA, colors, scars, “rags”, or gang hats are allowed on campus or at school functions, as determined by the Marysville Police Department gang task force. Any clothing, jewelry or hairstyle perceived as a gang symbol or affiliation is prohibited.
  • “Sagging” is not permitted.
  • Wallet chains or their equivalent are not permitted at school.

T-Shirt Friday:

  • Paragon Approved Falcon’s t-shirt.
  • Blue jeans must be regular solid blue denim.
  • No holes, colored denim, or jeggings are allowed.
  • A compliant PCA uniform may always be worn in lieu of T-Shirt Friday.

**Paragon Falcon's t-shirt can be purchased in the uniform store.

Students who violate the Non-Uniform Dress Code shall face the same consequences for violating Uniform Policy above (see Violations of Uniform Policy).  

Students or parents requesting an exemption from any provision of this Non-Uniform Dress Code for religious or other reasons should contact the principal.

Teachers and staff will ultimately determine what is appropriate dress for class and school functions and reserve the right to identify as inappropriate. Clothing that may not have been described above may result in the disruption of the education of other students and therefore deemed as inappropriate.