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Fall Festival

There have been two Fall Festival meetings and unfortunately, the turnout for those has been very concerning. I want to thank the families who have shown up, eager to help make Fall Fest a great experience for our school and our community. Fall Fest will be on Saturday, October 14th, from 5-9 pm. Fall Fest is such a fun event, filled with the opportunity to have a great time as a family and make some really amazing memories. The face painting, games, crafts, performances, and so much more, offers Paragon families and our community a fun safe fall event. However, to make this event happen, PTSA needs a lot of support from our families, friends and community. This event can not be successful without an abundance of help. There will be another Fall Festival meeting on Monday, September 11th at 6 pm in the Paragon cafeteria. I ask that you please come and volunteer to help. We are still in need of some co-chair volunteers. Attached is the Chair position and a description of what the co-chair would be responsible for. You don’t have to commit to a co-chair position to help with the fall festival. We have so many opportunities where you can help and be part of this magical event. 

Volunteering is a great way to meet other families, and help make your students' school a fun place to be. When I volunteer I feel like I am a part of the school working with the staff and other parents to make Paragon the best school it can be. I love ending a day after doing PTSA projects. It fills me with pride knowing that I have done something to help or improve my child’s school experience. I also can’t say enough about some of the fantastic people I have connected with because I volunteer. I know you all have such busy lives and you just don’t know where to fit in one more thing. I know this because I used to think that also. Then I started volunteering because I saw a need for something I know I could do. I was amazed at how much time I had to fulfill my volunteer duties. I love the confidence it gives me, the connection to  my community and the comradery I felt with the rest of the board. When I was stressed they were always there to support and remind me that I was volunteering and whatever I did was acceptable and appreciated. 

With that all said I ask again that you all come to the next meeting, Monday September 11 at 6 pm, prepared to offer help, suggestions, and support so we can have a fun and successful fall fest. Without your help Fall Fest can not be the wonderful event Paragon has enjoyed for so many years. As always feel free to contact Ann Novelli at 530-333-7524 or email

[email protected]


Hope to see you all at our upcoming meetings.

Ann Novelli

Paragon PTSA President